Procedure To Request for Supply Of Electricity

  • 1. Submit a formal application letter for service connection to the nearest Business Unit.
  • 2. A new service form which outlines the terms and conditions for obtaining electricity shall be issued to the prospective customer.
  • 3. The applicant must have his/her electrical connections (wiring of the premises) certified by a registered licensed electrical contractor.
  • 4. The prospective customer returns the duly completed new service form.
  • 5. The duly completed form is then evaluated and load assessment of the premises carried out by the New Service Officer.
  • 6. The expected load of the premises is then measured against the percentage load of the nearest substation to the customer.
  • 7. Having fulfilled all requirements, the request is then approved by the approving authority.
  • 8. The premises should be energized within 24 hours from the date of approval of the request and meter installed accordingly.
  • 9. Unless otherwise agreed, all future electricity bills for the supply address shall be issued in the name of the customer.

NOTE: The new service form is issued free of charge.